Senior Software Engineer ( Python )

Software ontwikkeling
Mid career

We are looking for a full stack developer who wants to join our team in building extraordinary software that changes how the Research & Education (R&E) networking community collaborates, innovates and shares knowledge. We need an enthusiastic person who wants to tackle new problems across the full-stack, bring fresh ideas, and aren’t afraid to try new things and challenge the status quo!

This is a full time and permanent role. Please note that if the role is recruited into our Netherlands office, it will offered as a 1 year definite contract, with the possibility of an indefinite contract thereafter.

What skills and experience are needed for success in this role?
You will have extensive programming experience with Python-based web application development technologies, specifically Flask, pip, tox, pytest, SQLAlchemy. You will be able to demonstrate hands-on development experience in a Linux environment, as well as extensive HTML5 / CSS3 development experience, and experience with one or more standard Javascript-based frameworks, such as Angular, React, Vue.

Other skills we are seeking include:

  • Knowledge of Java-based application and web service technologies, such as Spring Framework, Spring Boot, Hibernat
  • Good relational database experience, preferably Postgres and MySQL DB
  • Extensive experience working with Git in a production environment
  • Good understanding of Agile methodology (Scrum) and Test-Driven Development

If you have any experience of Trust & Identity technologies (such as SAML, OpenID Connect, OAuth, Shibboleth, SimpleSamlPHP) that would be a distinct advantage.

We are looking for people who:

  • Are technically brilliant at what they do
  • Relish the challenge of working out problems and overcoming challenges
  • Have a mind-set of continuous learning and growth
  • Have a passionate, open and genuinely collaborative approach toward their work

Why work for GÉANT?

We offer a blazing-fast, cutting-edge network that connects scientists, researchers and academics across Europe and the world. Thanks to our terabit network, 50 million researchers, scientists, academics and students can share record volumes of data unconstrained by location, solving some of mankind’s biggest challenges.

Work at GÉANT and you’ll be supporting critical research into sustainable energy, deep space, high-energy physics, earth observation, environmental disasters, medicine and more!

Benefits of working for GÉANT
You’ll receive excellent benefits at GÉANT – including a generous holiday allowance and a 5% end of year bonus/allowance as standard. We also invest heavily in learning to help our people become the best at what they do. The other benefits you receive will depend on the country you are employed in, but these will include an appropriate pension scheme and medical insurance.