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IBM Cleversafe best overall score for object storage capabilities

The spectacular growth in unstructured data calls for a new take on storage. 

24 januari 2018
Door: IBM, partner

The spectacular growth in unstructured data calls for a new take on storage. 

Traditional file and block storage systems just weren’t designed to operate in a petabyte environment. But what are the capabilities object storage makes the difference with?

Gartner defines object storage as the term that refers to devices and software that house data in structures called ‘objects’, containing content and metadata. The general idea behind object storage is that data isn’t stored on just one physical location – as is the case with file and block storage – but dispersed over several storage nodes. The data is cut into slices, which are distributed to separate disks and industry standard x86 hardware across geographic locations.

In their research report ‘Critical capabilities for object storage’, Gartner analysts Arun Chandrasekaran, Raj Bala and Garth Landers list seven critical features: capacity, storage efficiency, interoperability, manageability, performance, resilience, and security and multitenancy. Object storage products often outscore traditional block and file storage products in capacity, scalability, security, multitenancy, total cost of ownership and manageability, the analysts say, although object storage tends to lag in performance, interoperability and efficiency. Therefore, the choice between NAS and object storage is based on trade-offs.

Gartner analyzed twelve object storage solutions from different vendors, revealing IBM Cleversafe as the solution with the best overall score for all seven critical capabilities. The report cites Cleversafe for its scalability and ease of management, pointing out security as its major strength, with many forms of encryption available. Furthermore, the Gartner report offers an overview of the most important use cases for object storage, such as analytics, archiving, backup, cloud storage and content distribution, once again highlighting IBM Cleversafe as the object storage solution with the best overall score for all use cases.

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