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Efficiently handling the data explosion

In the last two years, we produced more data than in the entire history of humanity.

24 januari 2018
Door: IBM, partner

In the last two years, we produced more data than in the entire history of humanity.

Unlike traditional storage systems, dispersed data storage is able to cope with the current data explosion. Here’s how it works.

Images, presentations, audio, graphics, medical records and more: the massive growth in content drives enterprise storage needs to capacities of petabytes and beyond. In 2016, enterprises in media, entertainment and health care, service providers and governments are expected to cross the line of one exabyte of storage, being 1.000 petabytes or 1.000.000 terabytes. Traditional and legacy storage systems, however, are designed for transactional data, not for these massive volumes of unstructured data. Just adding more and bigger disks doesn’t answer the question.

Object storage or dispersed storage provides a different approach. IBM Cleversafe software encrypts, slices and applies Information Dispersal Algorithms - also known as erasure coding policies - to the data. These ‘slices’ of data are distributed to separate disks and industry standard x86 hardw are across geographic locations. The operator defines the width - being the number of slices - of the data, as well as the threshold for data retrieval. Choosing a threshold of 7 combined with a width of 12, for example, means that at least 7 out of 12 slices of data are needed to be able to read the data. On top of that, all slices are encrypted separately, making dispersed storage a very safe take on storage indeed.

 Dispersed storage come in various shapes. Cleversafe offers a fully integrated appliance model for on-premise object storage. There is also a software-defined hardware-aware model available, allowing a flexible choice of platform. Next to that, IBM Cleversafe offers dispersed storage on private cloud and on the IBM Softlayer cloud platform.

 Would you like to learn more about dispersed storage and Cleversafe? IBM Cloud Object Storage

Geschreven door: Maarten Leijenaar, Cleversafe at IBM

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