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Integrated portfolio management by VIVAT

Integrated portfolio management by VIVAT

A practical IT4IT customer case illustrating a fully automated application development pipeline.

28 oktober 2019
Door: Fruition Partners, partner

A practical IT4IT customer case illustrating a fully automated application development pipeline.

Over the last few years, the insurance company VIVAT has made significant progress in standardizing and automizing its IT value chain using the IT4IT Reference Architecture.They now work faster, executing flawless processes based on a small number of dedicated selected tools and platforms that results into increased customer satisfaction.This major succes inspired VIVAT to take new, ambitious steps on the strategic level of IT Management, by introducing fully-integrated IT Portfolio Management.

Now approved strategic initiatives from the executive board are automatically passed to the DevOps teams.These so-called epics are drilled down by the team into features and stories they can work on. Continued insight on the progress of these initiatives is delivered back to the Portfolio Management Group. As well as that, the PGM also gets a clear view on the costs that relate to the delivered IT initiative. Combining data in a structured way results in insight of both costs and progress of initiatives.
This enables the PGM to take immediate corrective action if needed.

In the Decision Center you will find portfolio management data visualized in several insights like; Time to Market, DevOps team progress, IT Service Quality, and IT Service Costs. It is structured so all stakeholders van view the same data, in their own context! They now have real-time access to information about their IT Service Portfolio and gain actionable insights on how to do things Better, Faster, Cheaper and at Lower Risk. By automating more and more of its components, VIVAT gets oversight and control of the entire IT Value Chain.

So, if you have a need for clear insight on your IT portfolio initiatives and how your DevOps teams are actually performing in the end-to-end IT service value chain, start using the IT4IT Reference Architecture as your reference for optimizing the business of IT!

Watch the animated video about the process of VIVAT on youtube:

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